VCA Services

VCA offers a complete array of services, affording you the convenience of communicating with only one office, instead of dealing with the hassle of mass coordination. Our services include:

Development Management

Development management pertains to helping you identify construction projects that align with your company's strategic plan, and then administering in the development of those projects. At VCA, we offer full services in this area, from locating real estate to developing an operations program. We assess the feasibility of the projects in consideration, by implementing thorough analyses of various scenarios. Then our expert business analysts guide you through the process of understanding both potential constraints and attainable results of the proposed projects. Additionally, we provide consultation on matters like project staffing, monitoring, and control. These services empower our clients to make informed, wise decisions for their business construction needs.


Project Management

Our team of experienced project managers work together to plan and execute projects, based on our clients' objectives. We accomplish this through excellent performance in all of the following areas:

  • Project Planning
  • Cost Control
  • Scheduling and Schedule Control
  • Change Management
  • Communications Management and Status Reporting
  • Design Management
  • Construction Monitoring
From large scale projects to single family homes or small offices, VCA's team of experts will work to ensure the success of each project.



Our design team is comprised of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, structural engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. Their focus on design excellence is supported by a breadth of multidisciplinary skills and technical expertise.


Master Planning & Urban Design

The master planning and urban design team at VCA addresses the complex issues relating to the construction of a project and its effect on the surrounding populations.


Architectural Design

Our architects use cutting-edge technologies to create a unique design for every building. We work closely with you, the client, to meet your specifications, giving you the ability to customize every detail of your building.


Structural Design

With skills cultivated through world-wide experience, the professionals in our structural engineering division offer a complete range of services, including structural modeling, design, and drawings.


Mechanical & Electrical Design

Our mechanical and electrical design team is capable of designing systems to accommodate even the most advanced challenges in the construction industry. VCA acknowledges the key role that electrical and mechanical systems play in the design of any project, and guarantees the highest standards of quality and code compliance.


Interior Design

In coordination with every part of the team, our interior design staff ensure that all of the finishes and d├ęcor are first class. Excellent taste and a timeless sense of style, together with cost effective solutions, contribute to an interior perfectly matched to your vision.


Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process of optimizing a project's structural design while maintaining or improving its function. This process does not cut costs by sacrificing quality, reliability or performance; but rather it enables a designer to use materials and design methods that better suit the project, achieving cost-effective enhancements.

VCA is dedicated to providing optimum engineering solutions to your company. The value engineering services provided by VCA help your company stand out from the competition. We are experts in analysing the dynamic loading of structures. From performing basic to complex analyses, our experts are available for consultation to help your company successfully complete your project. We provide:

  • Optimum Building Design
  • Design of Supplementary Damping Device for Buildings
  • Optimum Design for Long Span Roofs
  • Design of Electrical Utility Lines
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Response of Structures Under Fire
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Electro Mechanical Analysis
  • Precast Concrete Design & Analysis


Quantity Surveying

Our team of quantity surveyors are fully qualified to offer expert services in the construction costing process. For the most straightforward or highly complex projects, our surveyors will provide you with the accurate budget and feasibility information that you need. These services are always specific to our clients' requirements. We locate and price materials for projects within strict cost limits. We offer projections and evaluative outcomes with consistent and reliable commercial data. This results in control, value for money, and the protection of your investment.

We Provide:

  • Bills of Quantities
  • Budget Estimates
  • Builders Quantities
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Specifications
  • Tender Appraisal
  • Tender Documentation
  • Tender Lists
  • Evaluations


Materials Management

According to our clients' needs, we price, source, and deliver materials; with an innovative edge to each process that ensures high quality, correct quantity, on-time delivery, and at a reasonable cost. We know you want to get the materials you need at the best price possible, so we do the necessary research to ensure that happens. We know you can't afford project delays due to untimely deliveries, so we leverage a network of material control programs to achieve efficient and timely distribution. When it comes to procuring and managing materials, we know what works, and we do it well.


Contract Administration

Our team of administrators combines the expertise of individuals with civil engineering and legal degrees, project engineers, and quantity surveyors. Their experience in the construction industry will guarantee efficient service in contract administration, from the project's beginning to its completion. VCA offers services in:

  • Contract documentation according to FIDIC standards
  • Reviewing and administering contracts during the various stages of the construction process


Drafting Services and Shop Drawings

VCA provides drafting services to architects, engineers, interior designers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and consultants. We help firms streamline and enhance their services by offering high quality, efficient and cost effective solutions.

We provide a full range of CAD drafting services, including: 2D CAD drawing and designing; 3D CAD modeling, rendering and visualization, such as 3D animations and 3D walk through; and paper to CAD conversion.

Our services are applied to a variety of situations, such as: design development, building plans, working drawings, as-built drawings, mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, plumbing drawings and land survey drawings. We specialize in preparing complete construction document sets for permit submittal, for both residential & commercial buildings.

Recently at VCA, we have expanded our team of drafters to match the demand for the production of shop drawings. Use of the latest detailing software enables our staff to produce accurate, clear, concise, and high quality drawings.


Interior Design

Our team is able to transform any space into a functional oasis where your clients, family members and friends enjoy spending time.

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Luxury Hotels

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Custom Built Homes

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